How to Download Windows 10 on Mac in Minutes

    How to Download and install Windows 10 in one click using Parallels Desktop
    If you don't have Windows, Parallels Desktop can help you download and install Windows 10:
    1. Download and Install Parallels Desktop ►
    2. In Parallels Desktop, you will be prompted by the Installation Assistant to download and install Windows 10 as an automatic download.
    3. After you select “Install Windows,” your download will begin. This download time is dependent on your internet connection
    Or you can:
    Click the Parallels icon in the macOS menu bar or right-click the Parallels Desktop icon in the Dock and choose New. Select Get Windows 10 from Microsoft and click Continue.
    With Parallels Desktop, you can:
    • Open Windows applications side-by-side with your macOS applications ,without having to restart
    • Install other operating systems, such as trial versions of Windows, Linux, another copy of macOS, and free virtual appliances; and use them together
    • Develop and test across multiple operating systems
    • Easily convert your existing PC or install a new Windows OS
    Choose your existing Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, or Boot Camp® installation or download Windows 10 on your Mac within Parallels Desktop and get started within minutes.
    Lightning Fast. Graphic and resource hungry Windows applications run effortlessly without slowing down your MacBook®, iMac®, Mac mini®, or Mac Pro®.
    Works with Boot Camp. Reuse your existing Boot Camp installation. Converting a virtual machine from Boot Camp is easier and more intuitive than ever.
    Connect Devices. Connect all your USB, Thunderbolt, and FireWire devices with Windows. Pair your Bluetooth and printer to work with both Windows and macOS.
    #1 choice of Mac users to run Windows on Mac—no rebooting
    Optimized for Windows 10 and macOS® High Sierra
    ►Get Started Here:

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