How to Download Wistia Videos Fast and Easy in 3 Steps (Working 2019)

  • How to Download Wistia Videos in 3 Easy Steps (New for 2019).
    NEW UPDATE: Use instead of clipconverter.
    I am not associated with clipconverter or getvideo in any way.
    If for some reason the copy link option is not available, watch this video for a slightly more detailed method to find your video id.
    3 Easy Steps to Download Your Wistia Video:
    1. Right click your video and choose 'copy link and thumbnail'.
    2. Add the wvideo id to the end of this url:
    3. Copy the new URL into and download. If it downloads as .BIN just change the extension to .MP4.
    Some people reported Clipconverter has some ads and malware reports. Before using clipconverter try getvideo instead.
    That's it!
    Hope this was helpful.

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