Ittimani Made in China Malayalam Full Movie Review | Mohanlal, Aju Varghese,

  • After a long wait, it hit the theaters Itimani. The audience jumps on the drink. The film stars Mohanlal as Manikkunnal Ittimani, who was born in China and later grew up in Kunnamkulam in Thrissur. The film has a female quest for a slut, a girl’s eyes, a mockingbird with her mother, and a pair of pants.
    Mohanlal is playing the role of father and son in the movie. The actor is known for his two roles as Ittimani and Itimaathan. Itimatan’s father was in China. That is where Itimani was born. Later, Itimaathan comes to Thrissur Kundankulam. After Itimani’s arrival in Thrissur, he now runs a catering service for Chinese food. The story unfolds along with the church activities of the Ittimani. The character played by Siddique is the new priest who replaces the old father of the church. The character is already familiar with Ittimani. As the jokes get mixed up, another parallel storyline is in progress. The film is interrupted with a huge twist in this storyline. The audience has been greeted with huge applause. The comedy between Aju Varghese and Mohanlal in the film is well done. In the film, Aju plays the role of Itunimani’s friend Sugunan. Itimani and Sugunan get the same gloves as the silverfish. Chemistry with KPAC Lalitha, who becomes the mother of Ittimani, is also getting a lot of applause in the theaters.
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