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  • With a lineup ranging from timeless genre staples like Halloween to modern classics that include Mandy and The Wailing, it's not exactly a challenge to find a winner among Shudder's unhinged offerings. The bigger problem is knowing where to start.
    Given the stigma that's generally accompanied the vampire genre since a certain sparkle-skinned seed of night gained pop culture infamy, we'll go ahead and give you a free pass for having likely missed Michael O'Shea's relentlessly bleak The Transfiguration.
    O'Shea's genre-redefining debut follows a desperately lonely young New Yorker with a seriously misguided affection for vampire fiction. Gritty, ponderous, and altogether mystifying, The Transfiguration is at once a daring, wildly insightful examination of inner city alienation, a torturous exploration of post traumatic stress, and an obsessive exploration of a fantasy life taken far past the edge of sanity.
    For the record, The Transfiguration is also a gruesome, bloody exploration of urban decay that's wholly unafraid to dwell in scorched shadows and filthy back alleys. Pitch-perfect performances from newcomer Eric Ruffin and up-and-comer Chloë Levine help ground this moody, profoundly unsettling tale in a heightened state of reality that often feels a little too real for comfort.
    There are horror movies that indulge in the fleeting pleasures of jump scares and blood lust, and then there are movies that seek to expose you to things that will unnerve you in ways you didn't think possible — the sorts of things that stay burned into your brain for months and years after you've seen them. Hagazussa is 110% of the latter school. If you've yet to experience Lukas Feigelfeld's gothic folk nightmare about an isolated woman struggling to maintain her sanity and raise her infant daughter in the wilds of 15th Century Europe, now's the time to dive in. Keep watching the video to see the must-watch horror movies streaming on Shudder right now!
    The Transfiguration | 0:14
    Hagazussa | 1:19
    The Love Witch | 2:28
    Black Christmas | 3:27
    Starry Eyes | 4:55
    Images | 6:21
    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | 7:16
    Take Shelter | 8:09
    Most Beautiful Island | 9:05
    Blood and Black Lace | 10:07
    Darling | 11:19

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